Today’s blog is a prequel to yesterday’s Science Live event- Whalebirds- the mystery of the storm riders (   It is written by Dr. Lisa Argilla.  Lisa has been the Veterinary Science Manager at Wellington Zoo since early 2011.  She has a keen interest in seabirds seeing as herRead more

Unfortunately, the short answer is that we know very little about the origin of these little seabirds that are now perhaps the most abundant birds in the southern oceans. Prions are a form of petrel – also called ‘tubenoses’ or ‘Procellariiformes’ – a group which includes the albatrosses, fulmars, shearwaters,Read more

With the Aztec Family Fiesta event happening this Sunday (29th September 2013) we thought it wise to have a practice of our activities! Presenting the efforts of Audience Engagement and Te Papa Hosts: Thanks to BodyFX for the face art training! Mask creation will be occuring between 12pm – 1pm in theRead more