• Black and white photograph of a street scene with people and horses

    What remains: When photos capture fleeting nature of time

    Collections Data Technician Gareth Watkins finds a series of photographs from the 1800s where a combination of movement and long exposure has created unusual, ghostly scenes.

  • Magalodon tooth compared to a tooth from a great white shark

    The largest shark that ever lived – Megalodon (The Meg) in New Zealand

    With today’s launch of the film The Meg, Curator of Vertebrates Alan Tennyson looks at what we know about the monster that grew to 18 metres and lived in New Zealand’s waters – the megalodon ‘big tooth’ shark (Carcharocles megalodon).

A Pākehā child does a hongi with a Māori lady

Sometimes, the origins behind reo words can get lost in translation, their meanings altered to mean something derogatory or unpleasant. Kaiako (teacher) Joan Costello shares a kōrero (story) behind the word Pākehā, and helps us understand the beauty of the word.Read more


As it’s Māori Language Week, we asked people from around Te Papa to share their favourite te reo Māori kupu (word). We want to hear what yours is too!Read more

Crowd outside Te Papa during Māori Language Week

‘The first time a baby was born in this country, te reo Māori was the language; the first time lovers fell in love, and fell out of love, te reo Māori was the language; the first time conflict occurred and was resolved, te reo Māori was the language.’ Dr Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal shares his kōrero about the value of te reo Māori in Aotearoa.Read more

Ben and Caitlin smiling

Today is the 150th anniversary of the battle of Te Ngutu-o-te-manu. This was a major battle in the third Taranaki war, also known as Tītokowaru’s war. Here, history curator Katie Cooper speaks to two new members of the Te Papa whānau – Caitlin Lynch and Ben Manukonga – about the importance of commemorating the New Zealand wars and the power of objects.Read more