• Illustration of a botanist show the glaucoma in his eyes. A skinned animal hangs on the wall behind him

    The only island holiday we’re getting this year – spending time in the rare books collection

    Amanda Sykes and Alice Hinton, Master of Museum and Heritage Practice program students at Wellington’s Victoria University, spent three weeks working on a placement at Te Papa's Research library. Here they describe their work and adventures while here.

  • Composite of five photos of three young women and two young men holding their objects for the co-collecting project. They are holding a seafood shop uniform, a yellow shirt, a necklace, drum sticks, and a pillowcase

    Co-collecting with Tongan youth

    This week we’re celebrating Tongan Language Week by taking a look back at Project 83: Small Things Matter in 2017. This co-collecting project was developed by the Year 13 Tongan language class of Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate with the guidance of their teacher Mrs Maata Fusitua, HOD Lea Faka-Tonga.

  • The weight of a painting: McCahon’s Walk (Series C) and Gate III

    Adam Art Gallery Collection Officer Sophie Thorn writes about her experiences behind the scenes handling the work of Colin McCahon.

The 14,000th image loaded on New Zealand Birds Online was of a recently-fledged banded dotterel chick, taken by Derek Templeton. The image was taken near Blenheim, where Derek is based. Here, Derek answers a few questions about how he got involved in wildlife photography, and why he started contributing images to New Zealand Birds Online.Read more

A man holding a camera in front of a specimen wall

At Te Papa we appreciate any opportunity to improve our learning programmes and adapt them to the needs of learners. In early August we were preparing to deliver our Pacific Explorers programme to four classes of years three to five from Taita Central School. Little did we know how coronavirus would give us the opportunity to adapt the programme to be even more accessible and successful than any iteration so far.Read more

Ten people trying to move a pilot whale off the beach.

This week David Hocking, Research Fellow at Australia’s School of Biological Sciences, Monash University, and our Curator Vertebrates Felix Marx wrote the following short article for Monash Lens, the University’s in-house journal, on the ongoing pilot whale mass stranding in Tasmania. It is reprinted here in its entirety.Read more

Making a collection of Myosotis glabrescens (SP108859). Feb 2020. Photo by Heidi Meudt @ Te Papa.

Botany Researcher Heidi Meudt is on a mission to find and make new research collections of all native New Zealand forget-me-nots. It can be a challenge to find some of them, particularly if we don’t know a lot about them or where they are to be found. Read more