Le vaiaso o le gagana Sāmoa (Sāmoan language week) 2014

Le vaiaso o le gagana Sāmoa (Sāmoan language week) 2014

“Taofi mau i au measina: Hold fast to your treasures” is the theme for Sāmoan language week 2014. Indeed, looking after cultural treasures is a significant part of Te Papa’s role in the community. We develop collections of cultural artefacts from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from the very old to the very recent. We share the stories of these cultural treasures through exhibitions, education programmes, events and publications.

Te Papa’s Pacific Cultures collections have over 2000 items associated with Sāmoa, from art works and photographs, adornments and carvings, to full size canoes. This week we will be sharing some of our Samoan cultural treasures with you through our blog and via Twitter and Instagram so make sure to follow us.

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This is a tanoa fai’ava (bowl for kava). It has a thick yellow and glossy patina inside the bowl, the residue left over from many sessions of drinking probably over many years. The tales this tanoa could tell…



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