Tuvalu language week 2014

Tuvalu language week 2014

Fakatalofa atu! This week is Tuvalu language week 2014 and the theme is Tuvalu ko tou lagaifakalaga ke mau mai aulua foe: Your language keeps your culture and identity afloat, continue to work together.

The Papa’s Pacific Cultures collections have around 195 artefacts associated with Tuvalu, including fishing gear, fans, dance costumes, carvings, adornments and photographs. This week we will be sharing some of the collection highlights with you through our blog and via Twitter and Instagram, so make sure to follow us.

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To start this week off here is an image of a kafaga (climbing rope) and teke (coconut harvesting stick).They are used together when climbing coconut trees.

Teke (coconut harvesting stick) FE008767 Gift of L Geursen, 1991

The kafaga makes climbing easier. The climber twists it into a crisscross shape and puts their feet through so the rope sits at their ankles. They then hop up the tree. Near the top of the tree the climber secures the teke to the trunk and uses it to stand on and pick coconuts. They are significant tools for people who live off the land. They ease the chore of gathering coconuts to feed the family or the community. You can check out other artefacts from Tuvalu in our collection through Collections Online.

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