• White church building with red roof

    Rātana Church and Mita Ririnui: The colours of service

    Puawai Cairns, Kaihāpai Mātauranga Māori | Head of Mātauranga Māori, talks about the robes of an āpotoro rēhita from the church – a uniform with which she have a personal affinity.

  • Fakaofo Atoll Tokelau

    Community in Tokelau: Learning from ‘atoll life’

    As part of Tokelauan Language Week, Media producer Kate Whitley explores the photos of Glenn Jowitt and talks with Paula Faiva about growing up in Tokelau and the importance of the inati (equal portions) system that underpins island life.

  • Tapa cloth depicting Spitfires

    Restoring a Tongan ngatu hingoa (barkcloth) commemorating WWII

    Conservator Textiles Anne Peranteau takes us through the conservation treatment of an important Tongan ngatu hingoa, or barkcloth, that commemorates the WWII war effort of Queen Sālote Tupou III and the Tongan people.

Over the weekend, we were saddened to hear about the passing of Vivian Lynn on 1 December, 2018, after a long illness. Here, Dr Chelsea Nichols, Curator of Modern Art, reflects on her first encounter with Vivian’s work and on her remarkable contribution to New Zealand art.Read more

‘Peter Peryer’s ability to tap deeply into himself, and into our collective memory, makes him one of the most important New Zealand photographers of recent times.’ Photography curator Athol McCredie shares some thoughts about Peter and his work.Read more

People parade down a street

One hundred years ago an armistice (truce) between Germany and the Allies was signed in France on 11 November 1918. Around the same time, a devastating influenza pandemic spread worldwide. History curator Stephanie Gibson looks at two women with ties to both events.Read more

What does your inner monster look like? For New Zealand painter Tony Fomison (1939–1990) it was a creature drenched in darkness, his face covered in wolfish hair. Art curator Chelsea Nichols explains more.Read more