Recently Te Papa’s art educator Helen Lloyd and I have been working together to compile a list of some of the best quotes by well-known New Zealand artists. Quotes about art and art making. We’re interested in quotes which really get to the heart of why artists make work. Helen,Read more

Malifa handbook; FE010588; Te Papa

To celebrate le vaiaso o le gagana Sämoa (Samoan language week) I have decided to draw attention to a small handbook which was gifted to the museum in 1954. The front cover of this handbook indicates that it was presented to Mr and Mrs D A J Rutherford in 1936.Read more

Te Papa's school holiday programme visiting the 'Collecting Contemporary' exhibition, April 2012. Photo: Te Papa

Here at Te Papa we passionately believe in the power of art to enrich, empower and challenge our lives and we are committed to bringing art to the widest possible audience. Recently, a small group of us have teamed up to develop and trial a new project called Stick it toRead more

Students from Petone Central School in the Starlab.

June is a busy month at Te Papa – it’s Matariki. And this year it’s going to be especially busy for the Education team! Our Term 2 Education programmes are fully booked this year with over 2500 students attending our Matariki education programme alone. This number includes: 916 students whoRead more