Te Papa’s Science Showcased

Te Papa’s Science Showcased

The exhibition DeCLASSIFIED! Nature’s secrets exposed at Te Papa has just opened. It showcases recent discoveries by Te Papa’s scientists.

Declassified-hero-imageFind out more about DeCLASSIFIED! Nature’s secrets exposed on Te Papa’s website.

There are species new to science – from fish to landhoppers, seaweeds, lice, ferns, and fossil parrots.

Other discoveries include newly documented behaviours. Who knew that blobfish could swim gracefully? (Only blobfish themselves – till recently!) Learn how spider orchids pretend to be mushrooms to attract fungus gnats, which end up acting as pollinators. And discover the fate of one long-tailed skua that flew so high above the Coromandel that it collided with a commercial airline!

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Help us make more discoveries

You can help unlock nature’s secrets too.

If you contribute photos to our citizen science programme on spiders and ferns:

  • you’ll be providing data to help better understand and manage New Zealand’s biodiversity.
  • we’ll provide expert identifications.
  • your photo might be displayed in Te Papa as part of the DeCLASSIFIED! exhibition.
  • and – possibly, just possibly – you could help discover an entirely new species!

More details about how to help us make more discoveries

Te Papa’s scientists talk about making discoveries


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