Floor talk about Te Papa’s science

Floor talk about Te Papa’s science

Would you like to know more about the scientific research carried out by Te Papa?

Our natural history research programme encompasses tiny invertebrates to plants, and spans the ocean depths to high-flying birds.

For those in Wellington, Science Curator Leon Perrie will give a floor talk in the DeCLASSIFIED! exhibition space on Thursday 2nd April, 5.45 pm – 6.25 pm.

(This is immediately before the April Science Express, which begins at 6.30 pm).


The DeCLASSIFIED! exhibition showcases recent discoveries by Te Papa’s scientists. It also includes a citizen science programme where anyone can help Te Papa’s research on spiders and ferns.

This photo gallery below shows just some of Te Papa’s recent discoveries:

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Find out more about the exhibition DeCLASSIFIED! Nature’s secrets exposed at Te Papa.

To register for the floor talk and for details of where to meet, contact Leon Perrie: leon.perrie@tepapa.govt.nz, (04) 381 7261


  1. Most interesting, please keep informing us of your research

    1. Author

      Thanks Graham. Sharing our research findings with the public is an important goal for the science team.

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