Colour my World!

Colour my World!

Over the past six weeks we have been having some serious problems with StoryPlace….

Before every session, it would miraculously lose all its colour!!

Luckily, our young visitors and their caregivers were kind enough to help to collect enough red, blue and yellow to remedy the situation. Did you know that red and blue can mix together to make purple, yellow and blue to make green, and yellow and red to make orange!?

We used our trusty colour pump to push all of the colour back into StoryPlace so it wouldn’t be black anymore, and we could play!

Our visitors took part in lots of different colour activities during their 45 min sessions, but by far the favourite was making this collaborative artwork, inspired by The obliteration room by Yayoi Kusama at Queensland Art Gallery in 2011:

Colour my World, Photographer: Te Papa, © Te Papa
Colour my World, Photographer: Te Papa, © Te Papa

We weren’t sure exactly why this corner went white, but we thought it might be because all the colours were in such a hurry, they went to this one place all at once.

Tamariki (children) placed sticky dots all over the walls, the floor, and the table, to bring the individual colours out again.

This artwork relates very well to our Impressionist exhibition on Level 4, Colour and Light: Impressionism from France and America – can you see the connection?

Thank you to everyone who came to visit StoryPlace and created this piece.

Our next StoryPlace programme, Toys of Yesteryear| Ngā Takawairore Uki starts tomorrow.





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