Unveiled: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in miniature

Unveiled: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in miniature

A year ago, we launched the Te Papa Wedding Photo Gallery. We did so in conjunction with the news that the V&A’s sumptuous exhibition of 200 years of wedding fashion was coming to our shores. Both announcements were timed to coincide with the much-anticipated marriage of Prince William to Catherine Middleton – an event that sent much of the world into a wedding-obsessed frenzy.

Post-wedding we were constantly asked if we were ‘getting Kate’s gown?’  Well, we would have loved to have borrowed her Alexander McQueen gown, but alas it was not available  – and believe me we really did try. However, we recently acquired the next best thing – Prince William and Catherine their wedding day, rendered in miniature by eight year old Brodie Domb.

And so with a little bit of pomp and ceremony, I am happy to ‘unveil’ the happy couple on their wedding day in celebration of the Duke and Duchess’s first  anniversary.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine on their wedding day. Peg Dolls made by Brodie Domb. Gift of Brodie Domb, 2011. © Te Papa.

Prince William might look a little more like Harry with his crop of reddy brown hair, but he looks super smart in his uniform, and Kate looks a picture in her long-sleeved gown and beaming smile. As with the Prince, young Brodie has taken some artistic licence with Kate – perhaps like some commentators she thought that Kate should have worn a fancier tiara and put her hair up. Either way, they are a great little addition to our collection of DIY Royal memorabilia.

The happy couple are currently on display at Te Papa on Level 2 in a case dedicated to children’s toys and activities.  For some more peg doll inspiration visit Te Papa’s Collection Online.

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