Queen’s service medal for font designer Joseph Churchward

Queen’s service medal for font designer Joseph Churchward

Churchward Newstype Boldest Sketch
Churchward Newstype Boldest Sketch; Te Papa; Purchased 2008

The 2010 Queen’s Birthday Honours list included Samoan-born font designer Joseph Churchward. Since the 1960s, Churchward has hand-created over 570 typefaces (fonts), the greatest number designed by any individual in the world.

Click on the image to watch the video interview with Churchward on TVNZ:

Joseph Churchward sketching at his desk

As a way of documenting Churchward’s work, in August 2008, Te Papa acquired about 1000 examples of Churchward’s font designs. Now, the Pacific Cultures collection houses 42 samples of Churchward’s typefaces.

View more of Churchward’s amazing typefaces on Te Papa’s Collections Online:

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