Haere rā OurSpace

Haere rā OurSpace

On Sunday we’ll be saying goodbye to our multimedia exhibition OurSpace to make room for the next exciting step towards Te Papa’s flagship exhibition commemorating 100 years since WWI.


We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has contributed images and videos to OurSpace, which opened in 2008. More than 10,000 images and videos were provided so they could be remixed and used on the exhibition’s 14m interactive wall. Contributors came from all over the country and overseas, showing what New Zealand life is to them, and sharing this with the many visitors to Te Papa. We’d like to thank everyone who shared their experiences; without your images and video this extraordinary experience would not have been possible.

OurSpace Website

OurSpace content will be preserved so that people in the decades to come will know what New Zealand and New Zealanders were like and get a snapshot into our recent history, so stay tuned in the next few months to find out more about that archiving process.

As a special offer during the exhibition’s last days, visitors will be able to enjoy both the High Ride and the Deep Ride for free this Saturday and Sunday, the 26th and 27th of July 2014.

The exhibition commemorating WW1 will open in April  2015, so be on the lookout nearer the time for the big reveal.

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