Wearable of the Week # 8

Wearable of the Week # 8

This week’s wearable continues on last week’s theme of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and hopefully encourages you all to bee supportive!

036030 Bee Supporters CloseUp-01
Bee Supporters by Andi Regan (NZ), 2012. World of WearableArt.

Bee Supporters is the clever handi-work of Andi Regan,who seeks to transform and find beauty in the discarded and everyday.

‘The whole No 8 wire philosophy inspires me. I like the idea of using something which has either been thrown away or taken for granted and turning it into something desirable and decorative. I am constantly looking at trash and everyday materials to see how they might bend and transform. I love the challenge of turning something ordinary into something extraordinary.’

This extraordinary bra is made entirely from hand-dyed cable ties and mounts – even the honey bees, the wings of which have been fashioned from clear beaded ties to give the illusion of vibration.  Bee Supporters is the fourth cable tie work that Andi has entered into the WearableArt™ Awards. Others include Pohutukawa Princess,  Neptune’s Necklace and Bikini Bikina, which was made from 5000 black cable ties! As she cheerfully admits:

‘My work is very labour intensive and repetitive but I find this quite therapeutic, it’s like my version of knitting’.

 To see more of Andi’s works, including her cable tie sea urchins click through to her blog here.

To get involved in Breast Cancer Month, check out the Breast Cancer Foundation’s Take Action page  – it offers plenty of ideas on how you, your friends, family or work place can bee supportive. 

 ‘Wearable of the Week’ is posted in conjunction with The WOW Factor: 25 Years in the Making, which is on display at Te Papa until 17 August 2014. For more on the World of WearableArt™ visit WOW® online.

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