Canterbury Earthquake AVs: Student Volunteer Army

Canterbury Earthquake AVs: Student Volunteer Army

Sam Johnson of the Canterbury’s Student Volunteer Army (SVA) is in the news again! This time, however, the world’s media have zoomed in not on Sam’s amazing volunteer work and leadership following the Canterbury Earthquakes, but on his dance moves.

During Prince Charles and Camilla’s recent visit to Christchurch, Sam took the Duchess of Cornwall for a spin on Gap Filler’s Dance-O-Mat. Indeed the Gap Filler team are now thinking of renaming it the Royal Dance-O-Mat!

Earlier this year Sam and Jason Pemberton from the SVA generously gave up some of their time to talk to us about the foundation of the SVA, the start of which was anything but smooth.

Silt Worms – the foundation of the Student Volunteer Army is one of six short films we have commissioned on the theme of creative and community responses to the Canterbury earthquakes and their aftermath.  While their start may have been bumpy, the achievement and contribution of the Student Volunteer Army from 2010 to today, is both humbling and inspiring.

Poster, ’The Student Volunteer Army wants you to fight’, April 2011. Designed by Laura Campbell and Joel Hart for the Student Volunteer Army. Gift of Student Volunteer Army, 2011. Te Papa

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