On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer

On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer

Michael Parekowhai’s Venice Biennale exhibition On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer opened at Te Papa on Friday. The installation looks stunning, clustered in the middle of the space and the sound with the acoustics of the gallery with that high ceiling is wonderful.

The exhibition is only on for a month till September 23 2012, so a short exhibition period. I hope many people come in to experience this installation while it is here.

It is the first time the three major elements of Michael’s installation have been shown in one gallery space – the two black bronze replica piano’s and bulls and He Korero Purakau mo Te Awanui o Te Motu; story of a New Zealand river, 2011, the elaborately carved red ‘Maori piano’ – the playable steinway concert grand.

It is also perhaps the last time for a little while that this installation will be seen together.


  1. Why so short a time, Te Papa? Would love to see it for a bit longer.
    Btw, “pianos” doesn’t need an apostrophe here 😉

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