We’re 14 years old!

We’re 14 years old!

Usually February 14 is a day where the lovers of the world get to indulge their romantic sides in the buying of fine food, nice flowers and maybe even jewellery of sorts, St Valentine’s Day at Te Papa has a second layer of celebration attached.

It’s our birthday!

So, as our social media person posted the great news on twitter – we’ve had some lovely feedback from our friends around the world… and back here in the office, despite there being a lack of birthday cake – discussions have turned to the wonderful world of the 14 year old. And here are a few thoughts to note:

Advice from Mums of 14 year olds:

  • “Follow your dreams; don’t worry what others think of you”
  • “Enjoy these years, you look fabulous”
  • *thump thump thump* ‘GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM”

Recollections of former 14 years olds:

  • Obsessions with labelled clothing
  • Being embarrassed by Mum and Dad
  • Developing a rebellious streak

Advice to the parents of 14 year olds

  • “its just a phase, they’ll grow”

In Te Papa’s first 14 years, we’ve grown up, our personality is developing, we’re finding new friends and interests. There’s a long way to go, and just like your 14 year old son/daughter/niece/nephew/YOU … Te Papa continues to need nuturing, friendship, guidance, excitement and interaction.

So, Happy B-day Te Papa … and thanks to our friends all overWellington, NZ and the World for sharing life with us this far.


And here’s a wee selection of happy bday messages via Twitter


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