On the road with James Luna

On the road with James Luna

Since I posted introducing One Day Sculpture and visiting artist James Luna, who is developing a project to be presented at Te Papa, Megan, James and I have been to Auckland and back.

James Luna, End of Acoustic, 2005, from a faux rock & roll multimedia installation - All Indian All the Time
James Luna, End of Acoustic, 2005, from a faux rock & roll multimedia installation – All Indian All the Time

In Auckland James gave a talk at the Auckland Art Gallery‘s Art Lounge as part of their Easy Listening series. He also met a whole lot of people including several artists.

Back at Te Papa we have been discussing and planning the project – which will be on 26 March – and it is taking shape really well. At this point I will say that it will develop over about 12 hours and will include objects that James will arrange within a spiral pattern and performance by James and possibly others who volunteer to be a part of the project. There will be food, song, dance, fire, water and a healthy dash of tongue in cheek – of the kind seen right in this image of previous work.

Yesterday we drove up to New Plymouth, stopping at Bulls for lunch on the way.  They really have gone in for the themed town, with all the plays on Bulls they can think of. This one in particular outside the vegetable shop was quite amusing.

Viva Las Veges!
Viva Las Vegies!

Then there was the obligatory roadside stop when the mountain became visible.  To make it really authentic, we even got tooted at.

Taranaki, James and Megan
Mount Taranaki, James and Megan

The trip has turned into quite a busy time, which doesn’t leave much time for blogging, or photography for that matter (must try harder with to get exciting action shots).Today we visited Parihaka, but that’s a post for another time.  Will try to keep you up to date with developments, so stay tuned.

Parihaka Memorial
Parihaka Memorial

UPDATE: Due to unforseen circumstances James Luna’s project Urban (Almost) Rituals has been postponed. James is unable to make it to New Zealand at this time. We are planning to reschedule the project. Check the Te Papa website and/or the One Day Sculpture website for updates. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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