Unfolding the eye

Unfolding the eye


As the specimen is still folded in a block we are using an underwater camera to determine how the specimen is positioned. The camera revealed the eye!

The eye is HUGE! The lens alone is 50 mm across, but we won’t be able to get an exact measurement until it has thawed further. The lens (below) is in two parts – each part is aligned vertically with the smaller portion on the inside, and it sits inside the eyeball which is about 270 mm across.


  1. WOW!! I’ve been watching since yesterday morning & I’m getting really exited to see it all stretched out. You guy’s must be 10 fold with that exitement. Any news on the sex yet? I like Bob if it’s a boy. Kind of makes sence since they kind of bob about in the ocean & we’ve been watching it bob around in the tank. I feel quite attached to it now.
    Awesome viewing!!

  2. Oops its the lens not eyeball

  3. Can you pause your interview for a minute i need to make a coffe 😛 Thanks

  4. They took the eyeballs out, Its referred to as the lens and the size of the eye was likened to the size of a saucer

  5. My what big eyes you have!!!!! 🙂

  6. Hi
    Alex (age 7) watching from Adelaide says thanks for putting this up so we can see it. I have visited the giant squid in the Adelaide museum and been fascinated about giant squids ever since and i noticed that your one is bigger.

  7. Thanks for sharing this event! (I’m watching from St. Louis, MO, USA, by the way.) The web cams give a feel of being in the moment with you, but the blog pictures are so much more detailed. More pics please!

    And Happy Birthday to the guy in the tank!

  8. Hey Nicole can you give us the link to the trademe messageboarders please?

  9. Hey Camera man can u say hi to the trademe messageboarders, there are a few messageboarders eagerly watching 🙂

  10. Hi thanks for the update and its very interesting, Why does the lense have no pupil, I wonder how it connects to the brain and converts that to an image

    And how it has not colour in the lense, I am eagerly watching the web cam

    Thanks again

  11. Thanks to you all for putting the cameras up online and for updating the blog so much. It’s all absolutely fascinating!

    Will keep an eye (not an intended bad pun!) on the cameras through the night (I’m in the UK so 12 hours behind) and I look forward to reading more about what you learn tomorrow.

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