This week New Zealand in Vogue  was installed in the Eyelights gallery on the 4th floor. Its simple 1960s lines replaces the razzle dazzle of Enriching Fashion. As I mentioned in my last post on Wool Week, the exhibition is inspired by Vogue New Zealand, the pages of which haveRead more

El Jay and Christian Dior

As the freshness of autumn turns into the chill of winter, it is time to dig out the winter woollies and the Ugg boots. Fittingly, this Friday kicks off ‘Wool Week’ (10-17 June).  We are thrilled that Mary-Annette Hay, the subject of Te Papa’s 2007 exhibition Queen of Wool and whose elegant all-wool wardrobeRead more

We are currently in the throes of preparing for our upcoming exhibition  New Zealand in Vogue, which opens in the Eyelights Gallery on 24 June. The exhibition is inspired by the decade during which New Zealand had its very own Vogue magazine – 1957 to 1968.  The exhibition features garmentsRead more