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West Coast Fern Fieldwork 2012, 6 – animal miscellany

Here are a few, token animal photos to finish this account of our fieldwork.

South Island fernbird, Bowdleria punctata punctata, in manuka bordering tangle fern (Gleichenia)-dominated pakihi near Westport. This was the first fernbird I have ever seen/noticed, but we saw/heard several others elsewhere during our trip. Unfortunately my camera is optimised for close-ups (since plants don’t run away), and has a terrible zoom – hence this blurry picture. Photo Leon Perrie. © Te Papa.
A western weka, Gallirallus australis australis, making a mess of DOC’s lawn. Enchanting birds, but somewhat of a road hazard, and evidently careless gardeners. Tauranga Bay, Cape Foulwind, near Westport. Photo Leon Perrie. © Te Papa.
c. 10 cm long slug, Stockton. I nearly stepped on it during my excitement of finding a couple of uncommon ferns. The slug’s impressive size was enough to distract me from the ferns, momentarily. Photo Leon Perrie. © Te Papa.
Mammals impersonating slugs – seals at Tauranga Bay, Cape Foulwind, near Westport. Photo Leon Perrie. © Te Papa.
South Island robins, Petroica australis australis, are regular companions during forest walks in many parts of the South Island. Photo Leon Perrie. © Te Papa.

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