Whāngaia te Reo – Nurture the Language

Whāngaia te Reo – Nurture the Language

Kia ora! This week is Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori and the theme is Whāngaia te Reo – Nurture the Language. Te Reo Māori is a living taonga (treasure) and – like the physical objects in Te Papa’s collections – a taonga which needs kaitiakitanga (guardianship) to survive.

At Te Papa we want to help Aotearoa New Zealand whāngaia te Reo. As part of Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori Te Papa hosted the State of Te Reo Māori Address by Professor Timoti Karetu to inspire debate and thinking about Māori language. In Ngā ToiArts Te Papa we had Te Puni Wahine, three uri (descendants) of Ngāti Toa Rangatira speaking in te reo about their female ancestors. The art of Shona Rapira-Davies and Emily Karaka was the perfect backdrop for this amazing event. We also held a Māori Pronunciation for Beginners workshop to help Wellingtonians start their Māori language journey. We’re looking forward to using te Reo more often in our mahi (work) – throughout the year, not just during Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori.

Five minute quiz – how much te Reo do you know?

To celebrate Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori we’ve brought back our five minute quiz. How much te Reo Māori do you know?

Click the start button and give it a go…

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  1. It was really fun guys thanks for creating the QUIZ

  2. Our Tipuna Maui brought our Maori language from ancient Egypt the letters we have now which replaced our previous symbols all represent sounds just like the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt . Each singular sound represents elements of life . Join our elements of life together and we create our living language . for instance our vowels , a = man , e = air , i = woman , o = god , u = earth , k = heat ,t = tattoo , m = moon , r = sun etc… example we put k =heat with a = man we get ka = burnt , when we put k = heat with u = earth we get ku = warm earth. Add m =moon with a =man then also add r = sun with a = man we get ra who belongs to man after Maui settles him with the Tamoko and wins the burning battle. All together we create kumara which Maori plant in the warm earth on the right day of the moon and the sun grows it through Photosynthesis . The day we propogate the kumara is the first day of our Maori new year we call Matariki . That is the day Maui wins the burning battle with the sun by settling him down by tattooing him with the first families tamoko whakairo . He does this on Papatuanuku which they call Mahia , all the points around Papatuanuku tell you the story of Maui slowing down the sun, winning the burning battle . No rei ra , ki o ra ta tau , te na ta tau , ka toa.

  3. I need to polish up on the Maori days of the week. Thought I knew them but not so confident now.

  4. Such a beautiful language. We do our best every chance we get here in LAS VEGAS to spread our culture afar and hope to do more when we return to New Zealand in Oct (this year). Please have a safe and fruitful day…..MAHORA & BILLY/ MAORI VOLCANICS

    1. Author

      Kia ora Mahora,

      Great to hear you’re using Te Reo in Las Vegas! Safe travels back to Aotearoa.

      Aku mihi nui ki a koe.

  5. Thank you for this quiz. Is a good learning theory for us non-Maori , it really help me practice my Te Reo Maori Language.

    Many thanks.

    1. Author

      Kia ora,

      Thanks for doing the quiz – we’re really glad you liked it!

      Kia pai tō rā.

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