News from Loans: Where to see Te Papa collection items – Wellington

News from Loans: Where to see Te Papa collection items – Wellington

Over the next little while I am going to let you know where you will see Te Papa’s collection items on display at other places.   Today I am going to let you know where to see some of the items in our history collection in Wellington.

Jug, 1901, Wellington, by Isaac Hutson. Gift of Keith Kuring, 1957. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Te Papa (CG000710)

By visiting the Museum of  Wellington City and Sea, you can see a commemorative jug (made to commemorate New Zealand’s first five contingents of troops sent to the Boer War) and an African sambok  in their exhibition Death of a Queen.  The exhibition tells the story of the political and constitutional ties, as well as the feelings of loyalty, New Zealand had for the British Empire.  The pride of belonging to the British Empire co-existed with and fostered a sense of national identity.  The display focuses on the Boer War and the men who volunteered to serve during this war.  Soldiers returned with many keepsakes like the sambok (the rawhide whip).

Peugeot Type 54 ‘Bebe’ car, 1903, France, by Peugeot. Gift of Miss A.R. and Mr J.D. Green, 1955. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Te Papa (T000539)

Also at the Museum of Wellington City & Sea, in their exhibition Telling Tales, you could spot five Te Papa collection items among the 101 short stories that celebrate the diversity of 20th century Wellington life.  Two of the five items are the 1903 Peugeot “Bebe” car and the leg bone of the much loved Wellington zoo Indian elephant Kamala,.  When you visit see if you can find the other three items.

Piece of china. Gift of Government Property Services, 1988. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Te Papa (AR000627/93)

In the foyer at Bowen House on Lambton Quay you will find a display about Baron von Alzdorf’s hotel that operated on the site in the 1840s.  The material was recovered in an archaeological investigation in 1988.  The display features a glass stout bottle and liquor bottle; a stoneware bottle, a shard of patterned china and the remains of a candle holder.

Next time I will tell you about history collection items in exhibitions in the South Island.


  1. I remember seeing Kamala at the zoo when I was a kid.

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