Conference: Celebrating Costume and Textiles

Conference: Celebrating Costume and Textiles

The New Zealand Costume & Textile Association is a special interest group for the research and study of costume and textiles. Its membership draws together some of the country’s leading artists, curators, academics, researchers and textile conservators, along passionate collectors and enthusiasts.  The annual symposium is a highlight of the organisation’s activities, attracting presenters from across New Zealand and the world.

In fancy dress, circa 1930, Richardson, H Linley (1878–1947), Palmerston North. Purchased 1948. Te Papa
In fancy dress, circa 1930, Richardson, H Linley (1878–1947), Palmerston North. Purchased 1948.

This year the symposium theme is simple: In the words of ‘80s funksters Kool and the Gang in their 1984 chart-topper ‘Celebration’. Presenters have been invited to “Celebrate good times, come on” by exploring the role  that dress and textiles play in the rituals of celebration. From the wide-ranging response, 20 presentations were selected that promise to make the 2011 symposium a great weekend celebrating fabric, fashion and frivolities the world over.

Registration forms are available from the CTANZ website.

Keynote speakers

This year’s keynote speakers are Auckland Museum exhibition developer Georgina White, and Liliana Pomazan, a Senior Lecturer in the Fashion programme at Melbourne’s prestigious RMIT University.

Both keynote speakers this year are acclaimed writers in the field of fashion and textiles. Georgina’s Light Fantastic: Dance Floor Courtship in New Zealand takes a trip through the countries dance-halls, from the early settlers through to the modern school ball. Liliana was co-editor of the recently released Australian Fashion Unstitched: The last 60 years – a history of Australian fashion that covers topics as diverse as the swimwear industry, fashion photography and the contemporary avant-garde.

If you would like regular updates on costume and textile related events happening around the country, you can also sign up the the blog Dress Address.

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  1. I completely agree Lee. The party theme looks fantastic and will have been a huge hit with all who attended.

    Does dress and play really effect the level of enjoyment people find at a party? I believe so, though many find it uncomfortable to dress up and act out a role that is unfamiliar to them.

    Please do a follow up to let us know how it went.

    Webmaster of afancy dress costume website.

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