Installing Reactive Architecture exhibition

Installing Reactive Architecture exhibition

It’s not often we have an urgent request from the exhibition installers for help with Javascript!

But last week one of the project managers came, ashen face, asking if anyone could help her with javascript. Of course my team of developers leapt to help and so we became acquainted with the weird world that is currently being installed on Level 4 at Te Papa.

Installation of Reactive Architecture
Installation of Reactive Architecture

The exhibition is Reactive Architecture: smart buildings respond to the environment. It opens on Saturday 19 September.
More about Reactive Architecture

Even though it was just being installed it looks amazing. It has bicycles that power racing cars, umbrellas that open and close with light and I never did find out how these anemome shapes are going to move . I only know that hundreds of tiny plastic parts were carefully being assembled by a team of four.

Installation of Reactive Architecture
Installation of Reactive Architecture

And just in case you are curious, my team helped Uwe Rieger, one of the architects involved in the show, debug a movement sensor being installed on his spectacular umbrella installation. My photos don’t do it justice, I am IT not photography. They look so beautiful and I didn’t even see the piece going.

Installation of Reactive Architecture.
Installation of Reactive Architecture.

If you go up onto the bridge on the way from Level 4 to Toi Te Papa you might be able to spy some other great installation shots!

Personally I can’t wait to have a go on the bikes that power the toy cars. There are two so I reckon we might stage a few races. What is is about Te Pepa and racing cars at the moment!
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