Beak size

Beak size

While the large colossal squid thaws the scientists are continuing their examination of the other ‘smaller’ colossal and the giant squid.  Dr Kubodera with the beak of the giant squid:

By measuring beak size of these specimens, we can calculate the size of other specimens of beaks found in the stomachs of sperm whales – thus we will be able to calculate how big these squid can grow. Kat Bolstad and Mark Fenwick dissecting out the beak of the smaller colossal squid:

Dr O’Shea measuring the colossal squid beak. The buccal mass containing the head and tentacles has become separated from the mantle – making it easier to examine. Unfortunately the eyes are missing – the mystery continues….

(If you are experiencing some delays on the webcast it may be because of the volume of traffic – a short time ago there were 1,500 viewers online!)


  1. “So what size is the beak? Is it smaller than the 49mm one found in the whale’s stomach?” Same Question…

  2. So what size is the beak? Is it smaller than the 49mm one found in the whale’s stomach?

  3. Hi Mark! Can you tell me why I can find the web cam? I just get the pics.

  4. Good question,

    this one came up eating a large toothfish, so they can take some pretty big prey but everything they eat has to pass through their donut shaped brain hence the nasty beak!

    Thanks for watching


  5. what size fish are squid of this size capable of eating?

  6. I’m the bald guy from the tank on Squid Cam.

    We are cutting the net off the large colossal squid given to us in February 07.

    After it was caught the squid was lifted onto the San Aspiring using the net. It was put straight into the freezer on the boat. This is the first time it is being thawed.

  7. Which squid r they cutting the net off at the moment?

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