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The Ultimate Niuean Warrior! : Niuean language week 2013

  • maka (throwing stone)
  • katoua (detail of handle)
  • kafa (detail) strands approx 2mm
  • Niue Warrior Savage island (Niue) Henry Winkelmann- photographer

You may have heard of the television shows Ninja Warrior and maybe even American Ninja Warrior, but what about Ultimate Niuean warrior?  Sorry, we don’t have a Youtube clip for you, but we do have some examples of the gear and weapons worn by the old school toa (warriors) – the ultimate warriors of Niue… Read more »

Battle shields from Chimbu (Simbu): a new acquisition

These battle shields from Chimbu (Simbu) in the Papua New Guinea Highlands were collected by a New Zealand couple who spent nearly a decade teaching in the country until their return to New Zealand in 2009. The shields are significant for their cultural value and use in warfare among the Chimbu. They also have a… Read more »