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Deep-sea fishes and coral garden discovered at the Three Kings Islands

Coral garden Three Kings

Aquarium like scenery, deep-sea coral and sponge gardens (an extremely rich and rare habitat), hungry groupers and sharks, as well as a frenzy of deep-sea eel-like creatures: the Three Kings Islands have it all for you. In April 2010, a team of five scientists from Te Papa and Massey University have been carrying research for… Read more »

Impressive deep-sea shark filmed during White Island survey

Te Papa scientists recovering a video unit sent underwater to film deep-sea fish life.

As research scientist for the Marsden funded project on diversity of deep-sea fishes of New Zealand, I have to analyse hundreds of hours of video footage taken during our surveys. Sometimes, amazing creatures appear on the screen, often when you least suspect it. Here is a shot that really surprised me. I virtually stepped back… Read more »