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From Tokelau to New Zealand: Tokelau language week 2013


Group of young men and women from the Tokelau Islands who came to live in Wellington. From left to right: Lele Tanu, Suisana Lemisio (nee Perez), Eneliko Tovio, Hinalagi Maka, Ianeta Baker (nee Tinielu), Lui Tufala, Kailua Teilo, Filika Tato (nee Lomano), Akileo Manuele and Savelio Lomano. Photograph taken circa 26 May 1964 by an unidentified Evening Post staff photographer.

This week is Tokelau language week. The theme for this year’s celebration is: “Ko te au o mātua, ko fānau: At the core of a parents heart, are their children.” With the younger generation in mind, Te Papa staff are blogging daily with stories related to Tokelau and its treasures from Te Papa’s collections. In this blogpost… Read more »