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Colossal squid defrost


We are trying to defrost the specimen – it’s proving to be a colossal headache as the central core is still a solid block of ice. (Not enough experience with cooking those Christmas turkeys among the scientists!). We are expecting some media cameras to arrive shortly, so for those of you watching online (all 2,000+)… Read more »

Wednesday – what happens next


Wednesday morning we will be here from around 9 am when the final unfolding of the large colossal squid will take place. At present it is still frozen inside the centre of the cube and folded into several layers……. To give you some idea of the size, the smaller specimen on the dissection table weighs… Read more »

Removing the net . . . and a question of squid size


Mark Fenwick and Kat Bolstad are in the tank carefully cutting the landing net away from the thawing squid. Fortunately the squid is still partially frozen and is floating, which makes the task much easier.   The beak of the colossal squid has been exposed as the flesh thaws. Preliminary measurement of the lower beak… Read more »

Melting ice

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The colossal squid specimen has been slowly thawing overnight. Shortly we will assess how far it has progressed and add another tonne of ice, as the temperature of the water has been creeping up and is above 8 degrees centigrade. We had hoped for a good Wellington southerly with air temperatures around 10-12 degrees, but… Read more »

What’s happening

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At present we have the large giant squid that we took out of the freezer yesterday afternoon almost completely defrosted on the examination bench. We will be examining this specimen during the afternoon. The first part of the examination is using the endoscope to check for stomach contents: Exposing the beak at the center of… Read more »

Squid squid squid


This morning we took the smaller (200 kg) colossal squid out of the freezer. This specimen is reportedly in bad condition, so we will use it to study the anatomy in detail, and leave the larger specimen intact for display. Initial examination of the suckers of this specimen reveals some morphological details that we can’t… Read more »

Giant squid specimen


As well as the large colossal squid being defrosted and examined, the scientists will also be examining two giant squid and an incomplete small colossal squid. You can watch one of the giant squid being being unwrapped for defrosting now via the webcast. The image below shows a common arrow squid alongside the mantle of… Read more »

Thawing squid

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  • Clean tank
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The good thing about having a plan is that it can be changed! This morning we removed the colossal squid from the freezer and took it out of its plastic container bin. We discovered that the specimen filled the entire bin, and therefore there is very little ice surrounding it. Consequently the specimen would thaw… Read more »

Blogging the squid

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Since the media release last Tuesday we’ve had about 6000 visits to the Te Papa squid pages! For this time period the squid ranks 5th on our website and rising! Today final preparations are in full swing with the webcam installation, and cameras being set up by Natural History NZ who are filming the… Read more »

Colossal squid: thawing tank completion

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The completed tank frame is lined with heavy duty plastic that will hold the fluid and specimen during the preservation process. The first task is to fill the tank with water (with about 10,000 litres to fill, it will take several hours) then we will dissolve 300 kg of salt in the tank. The salt… Read more »