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Disappearing hooks, or not?

Close up view of the amazing rotating hooks on a freshly thawed colossal squid

More news from the squid tank. This morning I caught up with Robert Clendon the conservator who is looking after the work on the squid. Over the past few weeks we’ve been a bit concerned about the hooks on the tentacles and the arms. It looked as though the hooks could be disappearing. Not something we wanted… Read more »

Squid – the inside story

  • Arrow squid beak, upper and lower
  • Arrow squid have awesome eyes
  • opening up the mantle
  • Dissecting an arrow squid

It’s a lovely spring Friday morning in Wellington. What else would we (Pamela, Chris and Judy – our brave and newest squid team member) be doing other than dissecting a couple of nice fresh squid from the local wholesale fish supplier? It’s all in the interest of bringing you a bigger and better exhibition on the colossal… Read more »

You asked for them – tentacles, hooks and suckers

  • Hooks from the smaller, damaged colossal squid
  • Hooks from the smaller, damaged colossal squid
  • Suckers on smaller, damaged colossal squid
  • Smaller, damaged Colossal squid

Now that we have some time, we will upload some of the other photos taken. Dr Tsunemi Kubodera, Steve O’Shea and Olaf Blaauw examine the smaller, damaged colossal squid on Tuesday, 29th April. Below are some of the close ups of the tentacles, suckers and hooks. You can find out more about the hooks and… Read more »

Steve O’Shea talking about suckers on end of the tentacles


Steve O’Shea is talking to the Discovery Team about the differences in giant and colossal squid tentacle clubs- the bits on the end of the squid’s tentacles. Colossal squid have swivelling hooks, whereas this giant squid has suckers. The suckers are about 25mm across! The suckers have serrated teeth at the edge and can cut… Read more »