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Samoan tatau: a tufuga begins his work…

“Taofi mau i au measina: Hold fast to your treasures” is the theme for Sämoan language week 2014. We hope you have followed our tweets and Instagrams over the last few days. To close off this week we look at tatau (tattooing) – one of Samoa’s most well known cultural treasures. This is an excerpt from an… Read more »

Tokelau tattoo and tattooing: Tokelau language week 2013

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This week is Tokelau language week. The theme for this year’s celebration is: “Ko te au o mātua, ko fānau: At the core of a parents heart, are their children.” With the younger generation in mind, Te Papa staff are blogging daily with stories related to Tokelau and its cultural treasures. One of my research interests is… Read more »