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Colossal squid – what’s happening?

What’s happening with the colossal squid? Why haven’t we put it on display yet? Well the short answer is that good things take time – and money. While the specimen is happily sitting in its storage tank, slowly preserving in the formalin, the squid team is planning for the next stage – how to put… Read more »

Colossal dissection (smaller specimen)

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The large colossal squid is thawing . . . meanwhile, we are currently setting up for the dissection this afternoon. The scientists will be dissecting the smaller, damaged colossal squid. The dissection table has had to be changed because the colossal squid is a lot wider than the giant squid we were looking at earlier. We’ve… Read more »

Colossal squid out of the freezer

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3.30 pm: the squid is now sitting in the thawing tank while we remove the tarpaulin and ropes around it. It will now be left overnight to thaw slowly. To keep the temperature even we will place the lid on the tank overnight, so there will not be a lot to see until tomorrow morning…. Read more »