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Glycol experiment - squid

Specimens in museum collections are usually preserved in a 70 per cent aqueous solution of ethyl alcohol or in a 2-4 per cent solution of formaldehyde (5-10 per cent formalin). The great disadvantages of ethyl alcohol are that it is flammable, it volatilizes very readily, it tends to produce precipitates from sea-water, and it causes… Read more »

Moving day!

proposed tank design from Caldwell Engineers

Construction of the new colossal squid display tank is almost complete, and we hope to transfer the squid into it on Wednesday 6th August. The design of a tank to safely store and display the specimen has presented Te Papa with a considerable challenge and we have been assisted by Wellman Associates Ltd in Hawera… Read more »

Some more pictures of the Colossal Squid

Steve O'Shea, Tsunemi Kubodera injecting formalin

You can see a whole lot more photos of the squid in our Picture Library on the Te Papa website. These photos were taken by one of Te Papa’s photographers, Norman Heke. He was there the whole time taking some beautiful shots. We’ve put over 70 photos up online but there are loads more than… Read more »

Colossal squid interview

Carol Diebel, our Director Natural Environment, was interviewed this morning by Radio NZ about the colossal squid thawing and dissection. You can listen to it there: Note: this link might be invalid pretty soon.

Giant squid specimen


As well as the large colossal squid being defrosted and examined, the scientists will also be examining two giant squid and an incomplete small colossal squid. You can watch one of the giant squid being being unwrapped for defrosting now via the webcast. The image below shows a common arrow squid alongside the mantle of… Read more »

Thawing squid

  • collosal-squid-_0024
  • Clean tank
  • salt3
  • salt2

The good thing about having a plan is that it can be changed! This morning we removed the colossal squid from the freezer and took it out of its plastic container bin. We discovered that the specimen filled the entire bin, and therefore there is very little ice surrounding it. Consequently the specimen would thaw… Read more »

Blogging the squid

  • cameras-010
  • cameras-004
  • cameras-005
  • cameras-003

Since the media release last Tuesday we’ve had about 6000 visits to the Te Papa squid pages! For this time period the squid ranks 5th on our website and rising! Today final preparations are in full swing with the webcam installation, and cameras being set up by Natural History NZ who are filming the… Read more »

Colossal squid: thawing tank completion

  • tank-finished4
  • tank-finished
  • tank41
  • tank31

The completed tank frame is lined with heavy duty plastic that will hold the fluid and specimen during the preservation process. The first task is to fill the tank with water (with about 10,000 litres to fill, it will take several hours) then we will dissolve 300 kg of salt in the tank. The salt… Read more »

Colossal squid preparations


Preparations for the colossal squid thaw are well underway, with construction of a temporary tank with a capacity to hold 10,000 litres of preservative. The tank is being built by Te Papa’s building services team and is 6.5 m long by 2 m wide. The logistics for moving the frozen squid are being worked out… Read more »

Science Express – Whales research

Science Express takes place on the first Thursday of every month, here at Te Papa. On Thursday 3 April, Anton van Helden, Te Papa’s Collection Manager, Marine Mammals, talked about current whale research. Listen to Anton’s talk here: Media no longer available The next Science Express, on Thursday 1 May, also links to whales. If… Read more »