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Whales and squid – school holiday fun! Number 3

Sperm whale and giant squid cartoon

Colour in a cool cartoon! Sperm whale and giant squid cartoon (pdf, 539 KB) Another awesome whale cartoon from Anton van Helden, Te Papa’s marine mammal scientist. This one has a sperm whale AND a giant squid! Just click on this link Sperm whale and giant squid, print out the picture, and colour however you like! What’s the difference… Read more »

Whales Fab Fact 10: leftover legs

Sperm whale skeletons during installation

Whales Fab Fact 10: leftover legs Whales don’t have external hind limbs. Their hind limb bones are reduced in both number and size. The large male sperm whale on display has a tiny remnant femur (thigh bone) fused to its pelvic bone.   The two sperm whale skeletons during installation of Whales|Tohorā. Kāore he kaupeka… Read more »

Whales Fab Fact 9: big breath

Whales Fab Fact 9: big breathers Whales breathe through their blowholes at the surface. When they dive and swim underwater, they hold their breath. Ka hā ngā tohorā mā ngā pehu i te kārewa o te wai. Ina ruku, ina kauhoe hoki i raro i te wai, ka puritia ō rātou hā. A sperm whale… Read more »

Science Express – Whales research

Science Express takes place on the first Thursday of every month, here at Te Papa. On Thursday 3 April, Anton van Helden, Te Papa’s Collection Manager, Marine Mammals, talked about current whale research. Listen to Anton’s talk here: Media no longer available The next Science Express, on Thursday 1 May, also links to whales. If… Read more »

Nguru – flutes from sperm whale teeth

When a sperm whale strands it’s a major event. For Māori it is sometimes seen as a tohu, or sign of something significant. Strandings are always sad, but they can provide rare opportunities for iwi to obtain the jaw bones and the beautifully curved sperm whale teeth. A traditional use for these valuable materials is carving the bone or teeth to make taonga… Read more »