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March 1909: This month last century

102 years ago: Prime Minister Sir Joseph Ward announces that New Zealand will gift a ‘first-class battleship’ to the Royal Navy (22 March 1909). Prime Minister Ward was positioning New Zealand as a loyal and active participant in the defence of the British Empire. This was a time of increasing naval rivalry among the world’s leading… Read more »

HMS New Zealand: ‘A grim and formidable fighting machine’

  • Postcard showing HMS New Zealand
  • Steeering wheel from HMS New Zealand
  • Steering wheel from HMS New Zealand, about 1910
  • Steering wheel from HMS New Zealand, about 1910.

One hundred years ago, Britain’s Royal Navy was threatened by the modern fleet being built by Germany. In March 1909, the New Zealand Premier, Sir Joseph Ward, responded to the defence crisis by promising that New Zealand would underwrite a ship for the Royal Navy. He declared: ‘We distant sons desire to stand in any… Read more »