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Capture Matariki – Ka hao a Matariki

by nativ flavas | photography

In partnership with TelstraClear and NZ Post, this year’s Matariki festivities include a unique photography event utilising the existing OurSpace infrastructure as well as the newly developed OurSpace TelstraClear Screen, scheduled for installation on the front exterior of the building in the coming month.  The purpose of the showcase is to not only generate contributions… Read more »

Some more pictures of the Colossal Squid

Steve O'Shea, Tsunemi Kubodera injecting formalin

You can see a whole lot more photos of the squid in our Picture Library on the Te Papa website. These photos were taken by one of Te Papa’s photographers, Norman Heke. He was there the whole time taking some beautiful shots. We’ve put over 70 photos up online but there are loads more than… Read more »

Photo happy

Hi this is Anton blogging in on Emma’s blog. At the moment we are taking lots and lots of photos. Documenting animals in this way allows us to have landmarks on the outside of the animal that we can link to internal structures. So that we can build up a picture of how the insides… Read more »