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Te Papa seabird researchers in the field

  • Flesh footed shearwater seen in its burrow with a burrowscope. Photograph by Jean-Claude Stahl. © Te Papa
  • Te Papa team landing at Titi Island Quarantine requirements mean packaging all food and gear into rat-proof boxes. Photograph by Jean-Claude Stahl. © Te Papa
  • Tuatara sourced from the Brothers were introduced to the island. Photograph by Jean-Claude Stahl. © Te Papa
  • Susan Waugh (right) and Simon Hayward (left) burrowscoping shearwater burrows at Titi Island. Photograph by Jean-Claude Stahl. © Te Papa

Te Papa researchers are studying wildlife populations in the field to find out about their diversity and behaviours, distribution and threats, with a programme of research on the shearwaters found nesting in New Zealand. We were privileged to visit Titi Island in the outer Pelorus Sound (Marlborough) for our summer field programme. Titi Island on Google maps … Read more »

Nukuwaiata / Inner Chetwode Island – 1936 and 2011 – In the footsteps of Edgar Stead (Part 2)

  • Camp Robin, January 2011. Reproduced courtesy of Colin Miskelly.
  • 1. Nukuwaiata (Inner Chetwode Island), with the outer Marlborough Sounds in the distance.
  • Left: Edgar Stead, Dot Stead and Roland Stead, possibly on Nukuwaiata in 1936 (when Roland was 13 years old). Right: Colin Miskelly, Kate McAlpine and Kieran Miskelly (age 13) on Nukuwaiata in 2011.
  • 2. The first and second forest geckos recorded from Nukuwaiata, January 2011

As part of a project to publish the wildlife diaries of Edgar Stead (see blog of 15 December 2010), I am revisiting some of the islands that Stead camped on during the period 1929-1947. The main focus is describing how the ecology of the islands has changed since Stead’s time. The visits also provide an… Read more »