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The Ultimate Niuean Warrior! : Niuean language week 2013

  • maka (throwing stone)
  • katoua (detail of handle)
  • kafa (detail) strands approx 2mm
  • Niue Warrior Savage island (Niue) Henry Winkelmann- photographer

You may have heard of the television shows Ninja Warrior and maybe even American Ninja Warrior, but what about Ultimate Niuean warrior?  Sorry, we don’t have a Youtube clip for you, but we do have some examples of the gear and weapons worn by the old school toa (warriors) – the ultimate warriors of Niue… Read more »

“You know you are a Niuean when…” : Niuean language week 2013

T-shirt (Cocoland- Niue Island)

This week is Niue language week. The theme for this year’s celebration is: Leveki mo e Fakaaoga e Vagahau Niue: Treasure and Use the Niue language. Pacific Cultures curators have been posting blogs related to Niue throughout the week and highlighting treasures from Te Papa’s collections. However, today we have a contribution from guest blogger, Olah Jacobsen… Read more »