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Steve O’Shea talking about suckers on end of the tentacles


Steve O’Shea is talking to the Discovery Team about the differences in giant and colossal squid tentacle clubs- the bits on the end of the squid’s tentacles. Colossal squid have swivelling hooks, whereas this giant squid has suckers. The suckers are about 25mm across! The suckers have serrated teeth at the edge and can cut… Read more »

Measuring the tentacle of a giant squid


The scientists have just laid out a tentacle from the giant squid – its tentacle measured 5.7 metres long! The colossal squid might have the longer mantle, or body, but the giant squid’s tentacles are longer! Find out more about the differences in colossal and giant squid shapes and sizes.

Whales and squid – school holiday fun! Number 3

Sperm whale and giant squid cartoon

Colour in a cool cartoon! Sperm whale and giant squid cartoon (pdf, 539 KB) Another awesome whale cartoon from Anton van Helden, Te Papa’s marine mammal scientist. This one has a sperm whale AND a giant squid! Just click on this link Sperm whale and giant squid, print out the picture, and colour however you like! What’s the difference… Read more »