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Dinosaurs in time for Christmas!

  • Unusual packing material for dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur model and worried staff member with unusual packing material
  • Meeting a dinosaur in the workshop.
  • Meeting a dinosaur in the workshop.

I was walking along the corridor at the back of Te Papa the other day and spotted these boxes…. You see some quite strange things out the back of Te Papa (it could be a blog all of its own “Out  back Te Papa” ) but this was one of the better ones. Further investigation revealed… Read more »

More about squid, now online!

The Te Papa blog is growing and diversifying and it’s all good.  It reflects the range of collections and expertise in the museum which span art, history, science, plants, animals, fossils, taonga Maori, and the Pacific.   Check out the recent art blog posts, along with posts on spiders, plants and even fossil tuatara. Among world museums… Read more »