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The race is on!

  • Check out Mrinali's rear wing and double rear tyres - what would Max think of that? © Te Papa, 2009.
  • Liri's car was questioned by other constructors as it didn't conform to FIA rules. © Te Papa, 2009.
  • Constructor Jonathan insisted his car be number 1. © Te Papa, 2009.
  • Check out Mrinali's rear wing and double rear tyres - what would Max think of that? © Te Papa, 2009.

In Inspiration Station yesterday there was a flurry of frenzied activity as the Discovery Centre pit crew hosted an hour of Formula One activities Spectators were allowed into ‘trade secrets’ such as how heavy an ordinary car tyre is compared to a bigger, fatter, but lighter F1 tyre. They also found out about the revolutionary… Read more »

Little observations

  • The Cooper T51 cornering nicely.© Te Papa, 2009.
  • Unloading the Lotus 16. © Te Papa, 2009.
  • The Williams wideboy.© Te Papa, 2009.
  • The BRM P160. © Te Papa, 2009.

I was very fortunate to assist with the install of some of the Formula One cars – some little facts occured to me as we moving them into place: The BRM P160 was the heaviest beastie: The Williams FW14B was the widest – very thoughtful moments as to which path to take it from the… Read more »

Getting the Williams from groundfloor to the fourth

  • Putting the nosecone back onto the Williams FW14B. © Te Papa, 2009.
  • The Williams on its final resting place in the Visa Platinum Gallery. © Te Papa, 2009.
  • Wheeling sedately past the Britten bike. © Te Papa, 2009.
  • Backing the Williams into the gallery. © Te Papa, 2009.

When making exhibitions here at Te Papa, teams have to install a wide variety of objects. You, the visitor, generally only get to see the polished final product – everything all beautifully laid out, ready for viewing. Have you ever wondered how we get the big stuff in? All I can say is – thank… Read more »

Presenting the McLaren-Honda MP4-4…

The McLaren MP4-4 on display in the Design Museum, London

… especially for Sam 🙂 Formula One™ – The Great Design Race will have 9 cars on display – so I thought I’d give you a taster of what you’ll see when you come. Of course an image on a blog doesn’t come close to seeing the real thing! This car seriously rocks – it dominated… Read more »

Formula One at Te Papa… and a little chair waits…

Visa Platinum Gallery, empty and waiting...

We’ve carefully deinstalled the precious Monets and others – they’re already back in Boston… Nearly all the walls have been taken down… The Visa Platinum Gallery on Level 4 here at Te Papa is pretty much empty – in fact I think the last time I saw it so empty was for Henry Moore in… Read more »