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F1 exhibition crosses the finish line but what’s next???

  • Medallion with couple. Painted plaster. Pompeii, House of the Gold Bracelet.  Source – Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Napoli e Pompei
  • Medallion with couple. Painted plaster. Pompeii, House of the Gold Bracelet. Source – Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Napoli e Pompei
  • Medallion with couple. Painted plaster. Pompeii, House of the Gold Bracelet. Source – Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Napoli e Pompei.
  • The Ferrari F2004 will be going back to Australia. Thanks Bridgestone for securing this car for the exhibition!

Staff at the museum waved the checkered flag for the Formula One – The Great Design Race exhibition this morning, having closed to the public on Sunday.  The exhibition was seen by over 52,000 people and preliminary visitor market research shows that 1/4 of visitors surveyed were first time visitors to the museum! So now the… Read more »

Proof is in the … pic of you in the car!

View of the TRS showcar on Level 2, from Level 4. © Te Papa, 2009.

The Te Papa events are rockin! There are so many people are having a blast – seeing the F1 cars up in the exhibition on Level 4, checking out the big Toyota Racing Series transporter truck parked out front, marvelling at the curious 2-seater (there aint that many 2-seaters around the world I can tell… Read more »

Even more cars in the building!

  • Compare the front wings with the MP4-21. © Te Papa, 2009.
  • Single seater. © Te Papa, 2009.
  • Single seater is on the left. © Te Papa, 2009.
  • Where do you reckon we put them? © Te Papa, 2009.

As of tomorrow until next Tuesday (2 October) we have even more racing cars on display to add to the wonderful mix that are already upstairs in our Formula One™ – The Great Design Race  exhibition. Toyota Racing Series have brought with them their big transporter truck (way too big to get inside the building… Read more »

School Holidays and Formula One

The Toyota Racing Series transporter truck.  © Toyota Racing Series

Goodness me, Te Papa is a veritable seething mass of children and their families… YEP the school holidays are back on. We’ve got some very cool stuff for you to come and see and do! Go and see the F1 beauties in Formula One™ – The Great Design Race, Level 4 – there are floor… Read more »

Installing Reactive Architecture exhibition

Installation of Reactive Architecture

It’s not often we have an urgent request from the exhibition installers for help with Javascript! But last week one of the project managers came, ashen face, asking if anyone could help her with javascript. Of course my team of developers leapt to help and so we became acquainted with the weird world that is currently… Read more »

Bob, Chris and Michael give their views

  • Bob McMurray & Michael Clark at the Ferrari F2004. Copyright Te Papa 2009.
  • Bob, Chris, and Michael dicussing the MP4-4. Copyright Te Papa 2009.
  • The papaya-orange McLaren M7A. Copyright Te Papa 2009.
  • The floortalk fans surround the experts and the M7A. Copyright Te Papa 2009.

Te Papa is thrilled to have former Formula One great, Chris Amon along with commentator Bob McMurray (who was with McLaren for a number of years) and motorsport historian Michael Clark sharing their vast knowledge and views on Formula One as well as particular tidbits on the cars (and sometimes their drivers) featured in the Formula One… Read more »

Black Beauty is here…

  • The NZL A1GP car in the Wellington Foyer, Level 2. Copyright Te Papa 2009.
  • NZL A1GP car wheeling past the blue whale's heart model in NatureSpace. Copyrigth Te Papa 2009.
  • Copyright Te Papa 2009.
  • Black Beauty nose cone, back of house. Copyright Te Papa 2009.

I’ve been quiet on my blogs as I’ve been away for a while, but heard a lovely rumour at work this afternoon about a new car in the building – an A1GP car! So a camera was borrowed (thanks Norm!) and off I went in search…. walking smartly coz you shouldn’t run Not in the dockway…… Read more »

F1 fans win a piece of Ferrari history

Signed Ferrari shirts - thanks Shell V-Power!

Today was the day we gave away two signed Ferrari shirts to lucky Formula One™ – The Great Design Race  visitors.  We were not really sure what to expect so were thrilled that close to 130 people turned up! The shirts, signed by Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa, and Kimi Räikkönen, were given to us by Shell V-Power and… Read more »

Signed Formula One shirt giveaway

Signed Ferrari shirts

A special delivery had some staff pretty excited yesterday – you need to be into Formula One racing though! Exhibition principal partner Shell V-Power has secured exclusive Ferrari polo shirts signed by legends of F1 racing,  Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa, and Kimi Räikkönen.  We are giving them away to luckyFormula One™ – The Great Design Race exhibition… Read more »