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Squid in Our Space

The colossal squid is a popular girl! We open the doors at Te Papa at 10am each day. After just a few minutes – and even on a beautiful Wellington day like today – there’s a crowd of people down in the squid exhibition, eager to get a good look. Lots of you have taken pics of the colossal squid so… Read more »

Squid – the inside story

  • Arrow squid beak, upper and lower
  • Arrow squid have awesome eyes
  • opening up the mantle
  • Dissecting an arrow squid

It’s a lovely spring Friday morning in Wellington. What else would we (Pamela, Chris and Judy – our brave and newest squid team member) be doing other than dissecting a couple of nice fresh squid from the local wholesale fish supplier? It’s all in the interest of bringing you a bigger and better exhibition on the colossal… Read more »

More about the eyes…

Hi This is Bruce Marshall, Collection Manager Mollusca, from Te Papa. When we turned the specimen we confirmed that the eyes were oriented antero-laterally. In other words the animal looks pretty well straight forward rather than from either side if its head. Other squid have eyes on the side of their head but they can… Read more »

The eye – great photos

The eye - © Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008

Now that the squid is in the cradle you can really see the eye – and see that it does indeed look forward not out to the side. The black bit you can see is the opening – it is about 12cm across. But remember the mass of the whole eye is much bigger. You… Read more »

You asked for them – beak and eye photos

  • Eye of Colossal Squid
  • Eye of Colossal Squid
  • beak1
  • Beak of Colossal Squid

Hey thanks for responding with which photos you are after. I will try my best to get you the ones you want. Monty, I think you asked ïf you could browse thumbnails – maybe a Flickr site might be a good idea but I will have to check with the powers that be! In the… Read more »

The eye


My name is Prof. Eric Warrant from the University of Lund in Sweden (blonde hair, blue glasses), and I am here together with Prof. Dan Nilsson (also from Lund) to study the gigantic eyes of the colossal squid. These are truly amazing eyes – in the collapsed state we see here, they measure 25 cm… Read more »

Unfolding the eye


As the specimen is still folded in a block we are using an underwater camera to determine how the specimen is positioned. The camera revealed the eye! The eye is HUGE! The lens alone is 50 mm across, but we won’t be able to get an exact measurement until it has thawed further. The lens… Read more »