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Kaikoura deep-sea fieldwork: do you love slime?

  • Hagfish teeth. Not difficult to understand that they are very efficient scavengers of the deep. Te Papa, photograph by Vincent Zintzen.
  • Carl extracting hagfish specimen out of one fish trap. Te Papa, photograph by Vincent Zintzen.
  • Vincent cleaning one hagfish specimen from its slime (and, yes, I am Belgian!). Te Papa.
  • Several specimens of hagfish interlaced. The white substance is the mucous they produce. Te Papa, photograph by Vincent Zintzen.

Te Papa fish team is off Kaikoura onboard the MV Star Keys to study deep-sea fish fauna. We have just finished our third day of sampling off Kaikoura. So far, everything goes well, and we are progressing at a good pace with our sampling. It has been difficult to have an internet connection, but now… Read more »

Impressive deep-sea shark filmed during White Island survey

Te Papa scientists recovering a video unit sent underwater to film deep-sea fish life.

As research scientist for the Marsden funded project on diversity of deep-sea fishes of New Zealand, I have to analyse hundreds of hours of video footage taken during our surveys. Sometimes, amazing creatures appear on the screen, often when you least suspect it. Here is a shot that really surprised me. I virtually stepped back… Read more »