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First recording and edited videos


First recording The Science Express evening with Steve O’Shea has been recorded (audio only) and is now available at this address: Media no longer available > More about Science Express and recordings of the previous sessions Media no longer available The other lectures have been filmed and will be available in the middle of next week,… Read more »

You asked for them – tentacles, hooks and suckers

  • Hooks from the smaller, damaged colossal squid
  • Hooks from the smaller, damaged colossal squid
  • Suckers on smaller, damaged colossal squid
  • Smaller, damaged Colossal squid

Now that we have some time, we will upload some of the other photos taken. Dr Tsunemi Kubodera, Steve O’Shea and Olaf Blaauw examine the smaller, damaged colossal squid on Tuesday, 29th April. Below are some of the close ups of the tentacles, suckers and hooks. You can find out more about the hooks and… Read more »

Squid Poem

Hi! My friend Mila replied to my post on Wednesday about what the squid felt like. Here she is: She has also since sent me a wonderful poem she wrote about the colossal squid: I love her picture of the squid – it rocks! cheers Emma – the squid toucher

Pygmy right whale

Things are never, ever dull at Te Papa! Next week we have another team of international scientists coming to examine a pygmy right whale specimen. This small whale (Caperea marginata) stranded on 13 May 2007 in the far north of New Zealand. > Follow the story of this examination blogged live Pygmy right whales are… Read more »

Murky water


Several people have asked why the water went from a clean, clear, inviting bath to a rather horrible-looking soup over the course of the squid defrosting.    The answer is that a number of frozen fluids in the ice block were gradually released into the brine. The first unsalubrious additive was a yellow slurry of fish… Read more »

A great photo!

Murky water

Here it is – what I call the money shot – this was taken before they started the preservation process. Here’s a link to an explanation of the preservation process. It is all quiet in the examination room – as the preservation process continues – it will take up to a month for the… Read more »

You asked for them – beak and eye photos

  • Eye of Colossal Squid
  • Eye of Colossal Squid
  • beak1
  • Beak of Colossal Squid

Hey thanks for responding with which photos you are after. I will try my best to get you the ones you want. Monty, I think you asked ïf you could browse thumbnails – maybe a Flickr site might be a good idea but I will have to check with the powers that be! In the… Read more »

Recording of last few hours of SquidCam available!

We recorded (or at least tried ) to record the last few hours of SquidCam – a few people from the northern hemisphere asked because they’d be asleep. Well, as you know we’ve had a few issues but I think we have it! So for those who missed it, you can check it out: I… Read more »

Great photos of our girl!


I’ve finally managed to get hold of some shots! They were some of the last taken last night. This is the shot just before the wave to the world.! These guys were pretty amazed at how many people were watching. They also really enjoyed the interactions and answering questions. It really was a cool occasion!… Read more »