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Freedom to act

Scared and Mondrian's last chrysanthemum, on show in Toi Te Papa.

  The other night we hung the two McCahons we bought last year – Scared and Mondrian’s last chrysanthemum. They’ve gone up in Toi Te Papa. In the mid-1970s Colin McCahon did a lot of paintings on a thick high quality paper called Steinbach. Legend has it that McCahon’s dealer Peter McLeavey bought 100 expensive… Read more »

Man of sorrows

Colin McCahon, King of the Jews, 1947 © courtesy of the Colin McCahon Research and Publication Trust

Te Papa has a strong collection of Colin McCahon’s early religious works, including three paintings from 1947 that depict events from story of the Passion: Christ taken from the cross, Entombment (after Titian), and King of the Jews. One of the enduring myths surrounding McCahon’s early paintings is that were rejected by critics. This is… Read more »

And what is faith?

Colin McCahon, A Letter to Hebrews, 1979

Ian Prior, noted epidemiologist and arts patron, died earlier this week. Luncheon under the ash tree, an exhibition organised by Aratoi which celebrated Ian and Elespie Prior’s art collection, toured galleries around New Zealand a few years ago. A couple of works on show in and near Te Papa stand in tribute to Ian. The first… Read more »

Oh yes it can be dark here

Colin McCahon, Northland panels, 1958

In 1958 Colin McCahon spent four months on a study tour of the United States. Although the main point of the trip was to look at how museums were run — McCahon was then working as a curator at Auckland Art Gallery — he saw an awful lot of art: everything from Old Masters to… Read more »

More masking tape

  • Colin McCahon, Mondrian’s last chrysanthemum, 1976
  • Colin McCahon, Scared, 1976
  • Colin McCahon, Scared, 1976
  • Colin McCahon, Scared, 1976

Mondrian’s last chrysanthemum, the Colin McCahon painting we bought at the end of last year, arrived at Te Papa recently. It’s great to see it again. Like most paintings, there’s a lot about this work that you don’t get until you see it in the flesh. There’s beauty of the painting itself, its amazing combination… Read more »