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Man vs atoll: what if Bear Grylls was marooned on Tuvalu?

bear grylls

If British ex-special forces soldier and survival expert Bear Grylls was marooned on a coral atoll, how would he survive? What resources would be available to him? What tools could he make, what would he make them out of, what would he eat? What challenges would face him?   The people of Tuvalu have spent… Read more »

“I have roots here…”: Climate change and Tuvaluan futures


This week is Tuvalu language week and the theme is “Tuvalu tau gana ko tou lagaifakalaga Tuvalu, your language keeps your culture and identity afloat”. Over the past week curators from the Pacific Cultures team have highlighted key Tuvalu artefacts and stories from Te Papa’s collections. Today’s blogpost is from Rachel Yates (Pacific Cultures Curator),… Read more »