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Why did the sunfish visit the dentist?

Sunfish gill teeth. Photographer: Ruth Hendry © Te Papa

That’s not a joke, honest (although if you have a punchline for it, leave us a comment!). Judy Hinchliffe, a forensic odontologist (dentist) for the Wellington region, visited Te Papa’s lab today to take a closer look at the sunfish’s teeth. It’s a little unusual for Judy as her day job is using dentistry to… Read more »

A beak with a tale

Parakeet beaks found on Stephens Island. Photograph reproduced courtesy of Colin Miskelly

In December last year I was contacted by Department of Conservation staff on Stephens Island reporting that they had found a bone that looked like a parrot’s beak in their vegetable garden, and asking if I could help identify it. Stephens Island Nature Reserve lies off the northern tip of D’Urville Island in the western… Read more »

Squid – the inside story

  • Arrow squid beak, upper and lower
  • Arrow squid have awesome eyes
  • opening up the mantle
  • Dissecting an arrow squid

It’s a lovely spring Friday morning in Wellington. What else would we (Pamela, Chris and Judy – our brave and newest squid team member) be doing other than dissecting a couple of nice fresh squid from the local wholesale fish supplier? It’s all in the interest of bringing you a bigger and better exhibition on the colossal… Read more »

You asked for them – beak and eye photos

  • Eye of Colossal Squid
  • Eye of Colossal Squid
  • beak1
  • Beak of Colossal Squid

Hey thanks for responding with which photos you are after. I will try my best to get you the ones you want. Monty, I think you asked ïf you could browse thumbnails – maybe a Flickr site might be a good idea but I will have to check with the powers that be! In the… Read more »

What’s all this beak business?

You may have seen us removing and examining the beaks of the giant and smaller colossal squids yesterday, so we thought we’d give some background on cephalopod beaks and why they’re important. The beaks (one upper and one lower in all squid, octopus and their relatives) are the first stage of the squid’s digestive system… Read more »

Beak size

  • col1-008
  • col1-003
  • col1-007
  • col1-001

While the large colossal squid thaws the scientists are continuing their examination of the other ‘smaller’ colossal and the giant squid.  Dr Kubodera with the beak of the giant squid: By measuring beak size of these specimens, we can calculate the size of other specimens of beaks found in the stomachs of sperm whales –… Read more »