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Sense and Sensibility in the Southern Ocean – A character-building story of albatross and researcher personalities in extreme conditions. Part 2. Tropical waters

  • Flying fish in the waters of 29 deg S. Image: Julian Collet, © Julian
  • Barau’s Petrel one day south of Reunion Island. Image: Julian Collet, © Julian Collet
  • Julien Collet CNRS Research Assistant keeps an eye out for whales and seabirds from the top deck of the Marion Dufresne. Image: Susan Waugh, © Te Papa
  • Lieutenant Iulia Popescu of the Marion Dufresne checks our position at the chart table.

Our visit to the Crozet Islands, a French Sub-Antarctic nature reserve at 41 deg S in the Indian Ocean started yesterday, embarking on the RV Marion Dufresne. We’re steaming straight south from La Reunion, towards the Crozet Islands, with landfall due in about 6 days. Overnight we made good steaming with an average speed of… Read more »