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Whale music

The long, curved cry of whale song filled Te Papa’s marae in January this year. Richard Nunns, an authority on ngā taonga pūoro (Māori musical instruments), with the New Zealand String Quartet, was here to play a work by New Zealand composer Gillian Whitehead.  Richard Nunns, taonga püoro expert Puhake ki te rangi, translates as ‘spouting… Read more »

What’s new in whale research

There’s always something new happening in the world of whale research. Anton van Helden, Te Papa’s marine mammal specialist, will be fronting Science Express @ Te Papa on Thursday 3 April, at 6.30pm in Espresso on Level 4. He’s going to talk about some of the recent findings from the annual meeting of South Pacific… Read more »

Whale research in Tuvalu


Viliamo Iese lives on Tuvalu, and recently attended the South Pacific Whales Research Group Consortium meeting at Auckland University in February 2008. Where exactly is Tuvalu? It’s a 2 hour flight north of Fiji. Tuvalu is made up of 6 atolls and 3 islands – and some are only 5 metres above sea level –… Read more »

Meet Hemi the Hector’s dolphin!

No, he’s not the Easter Bunny, but here at Te Papa we’re just happy that Hemi the Hector’s dolphin made it in time for Easter. Hemi is the star of our new interactive game in Whales Tohorä, Dolphin Danger! Visit over Easter and help Hemi navigate his way through several life-threatening situations to the safety of… Read more »

Moko to the rescue!

  • Lucy Ryan with model of a pygmy sperm whale calf
  • Lucy Ryan with model of a pygmy sperm whale calf

Moko, the resident bottlenose dolphin at Mahia, was the heroine of the day last week. The amazing story of how a dolphin helped save a stranded pygmy sperm whale mother and her calf made news headlines in NZ – and was even picked up by media around the world! Read the story  here: The area around… Read more »

Michael Poole – whale researcher

Every year, a lively and enthusiastic group of scientists meets at the University of Auckland School of Biological Sciences to compare notes about whales. The South Pacific Whales Research Consortium (SPWRC) first met in 1999 as a group of friends who wanted to share their whale research. The group has grown since then and now… Read more »

Whales at Te Papa on Studio 2

A couple of weeks ago, Studio 2 – a popular afternoon kids’ programme on TV2 – came to Te Papa to check out Whales Tohorā. Presenter Jordan met up with our curator Anton van Helden to explore the exhibition … have a look for yourself!

There’s something about whales…

Since Whales | Tohorā opened at Te Papa on 1 December 2007, visitors of all ages have been touched by these extraordinary mammals and their stories. Almost 90,000 people from all over the world have come to see the exhibition – over 3,000 attended on Saturday 16 February alone! (Te Papa’s 10th birthday celebrations). Bruce… Read more »